Structs is a strategic game of interstellar enterprise and empire. In the distant future, the species of the galaxy are embroiled in a race for Alpha Matter, the rare and dangerous substance that fuels galactic civilization.

Players take command of Structs, a race of sentient machines, and must forge alliances, conquer enemies and expand their influence to control Alpha Matter and the fate of the galaxy.

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About The Struct’s Demo and Today’s Direction

The initial release of the Structs was a proof-of-concept allowing us to test out some of the technologies we want to use for the game, such as Cosmos. Since then we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes on the game design to actually make the game fun.

Thanks to some great feedback from the community during the initial POC phase, we were able to identify some key areas to focus on such as tokenomics, compelling combat, and supporting community play.

So what does the next iteration of Structs look like?


5X Space-Based Strategy You’ve heard of 4X? This is 5X. That’s one more X, and therefore objectively better.


Mine planets to harness their precious Alpha Matter, the fuel that provides the Watt necessary to power your machine armies. Manage your resources carefully to maximize the efficiency of your operations.


Chart planets for resources, uncover enemy strongholds, seek allied guilds, and discover the history of the galactic civilization.


The galaxy is rife with dangers; you must control planets and resources to grow the influence of your guild a build a powerful interstellar faction.


Ever present enemies will attempt to take what's yours; defend yourself against pirates and launch your own raids to steal enemy Alpha Matter.


Looking to conquer galaxy through trade? Barter for energy, arms, computing power and entire worlds in the marketplace.